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English Classes at ISBerne

Wednesday Afternoon English

Our Wednesday afternoon English class is for children between the ages of 5 and 12 years old who are currently enrolled in the local Swiss school system and possess a reasonable command of spoken English.

We offer:

  • Communicative language classes based on stories and familiar, high-interest themes;
  • Supportive phonics and skills;
  • The opportunity to explore and share in a multicultural environment;
  • Extensive library facilities;
  • Two levels of instruction

After-School Intensive English

The Intensive English Class is held on Mondays at 16:30. This class is for students in Middle School, ages 13-15,  who are studying English as a second language as part of the local school curriculum. The Cambridge programme is followed in these classes to progress the student’s academic level of English. We offer:

  • Engaging language classes based on current high-interest themes;
  • An emphasis on reading, writing, spelling and grammar;
  • Extensive library facilities;
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English Immersion Week

Students who are enrolled in After-School Intensive English class, may qualify to participate in an English Immersion Week at ISBerne. Students who attain a B1 level of English and display readiness and interest may be recommended by the teacher to participate. For a week, students will attend our school as an ISBerne student, participating in classes with their English-speaking peers, with special sessions for extra English instruction. Immersion weeks are available during the Autumn and Ski breaks for local schools in Bern and cost CHF500 per week.

We offer:

  • An opportunity to immerse in the language without travelling abroad;
  • Engaging classes with an inquiry-based approach to learning;
  • The opportunity to explore and share in a multicultural environment;
  • The opportunity to make new English-speaking friends;
  • Lunch is included everyday at our on-site cafeteria;

How it Works

You commit your child to the whole semester after one try-out session. If you do not wish your child to continue in the next semester, two months withdrawal notice is required:

  • The first semester started on 28 August 2019.
  • The second semester starts on 29 January 2020.


CHF 500.00 per semester; 18 sessions per semester.

Class Levels

English 1 (For ages 5-7 years)

An engaging class for younger students that includes phonics, rhymes, songs, games, show-and-tell, simple writing exercises, stories, easy readers, Oxford Reading Tree up to stage 6

Wednesdays from 14.45-16.15 or 16.30-18.00.

English 2 (For ages 8- 12 years)

Building upon English 1, this programme for older children includes different types of text (factual and narrative), writing exercises, lateral thinking puzzles, phonics, library books, Oxford Reading Tree up to stage 15.

Wednesdays from 14.45-16.15 or 16.30-18.00.

English 3 (For ages 12/13 – 15/16 years)

Following the Cambridge programme and measuring progress according to CEFR international standards, this class is designed to help students who are studying English in a local school progress their academic level of English. Upon attainment of a B1 level and recommendation by the teacher, students may qualify to do an immersion week at ISBerne.

Mondays from 16.30-18.00.


For questions regarding the Wednesday classes (E1 & E2) , please contact Mrs Warren by email:

For questions regarding the Intensive English class (E3) please contact

Or contact the ISBerne main office at 031 959 1000


Download the After School English Enrolment Form 2019-2020 or collect a copy at the main office. Please send by post or drop off the form to the main office at:

International School of Berne
Allmendingenweg 9
3073 Gümligen

Fax: +41 31 959 10 01


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