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Study Abroad at ISBerne

Do You Want To Experience Life In Switzerland?

Our study abroad programme is open to students age 14 to 19 who are not currently residents in Switzerland. Visa, and homestay arrangements are facilitated by International Experience (I.E.). Registration with I.E. is required. We recommend that you start your application with both I.E. and ISBerne at least one full semester prior to your anticipated start date.

Please contact our Admissions team to express your interest in the programme. You will be then contacted by the school to answer your questions and start the process.

Are you interested in being a host family?

Please email: for more information.


Very enthusiastic and patient team which is important for a young and growing mind.

The teachers at ISBerne are amazing. My children have been very lucky to have experienced so many teachers over the last four years.

ISBerne is perfect; everything thing works well!

Having joined less than a year ago, my child is happy to go to school every day and is making great progress academically, showing greater confidence and skills development.

The International Baccalaureate teachers give above and beyond the level of excellent support for IB students with help during breaks and may extra hours to seek support and help. My child's teachers have worked hard to help my child succeed.

My daughter loves school, and I have not once heard her complain about school and the environment. She has NEVER encountered bullying or disruptive behavior in class.

ISBerne is truly international and yet homey.

The writing skills of my Kindergarten student improved amazingly!

My child is really enjoying the school. I think the Middle Years' Program brings students out of the “child stage” and into the “teenager stage” quite well.

It is the teachers at ISBerne that make the school. They are fantastic.

The teachers have quite a challenging task to balance so many different learning needs on a daily basis, and they seem to do it with ease.

We appreciate ISBerne’s unique qualities - such as its small size, the interaction between classes and year groups, the attention to a holistic inquisitive approach to learning.

I love the reasoned judgments inculcated in my child, and the ethical values taught in tandem with the general academics.

We are very pleased with the teachers in our son's Diploma Program. The teachers are very committed to improving our son's academic progress.

ISBerne encourages children to think and challenge and not just accept.

Our child enjoys ISBerne very much and feels comfortable at the school.

The teachers are very easily reached at break times and via email to provide feedback on assignments. They have been an incredible support system!

The teachers are passionate about their subjects and really focus on the children's individual learning.

My kids love going to school – That’s what matters!

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